Single slot cavity antennas assembly

SINGLE SLOT CAVITY ANTENNA ASSEMBLY - Free Patents Online BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention This invention relates generally to antennas and more particularly to an improved single slot cavity antenna assembly. Antennas: Cavity-Backed Slot Antennas - Antenna Theory

US9160056B2 - Multiband antennas formed from bezel bands with Electronic devices are provided that contain wireless communications circuitry. The wireless communications circuitry may include radio-frequency transceiver circuitry and antenna structures. ISSN (Print): 2279-0047 On antennas, 1953. [3] H. Gutton and G. Baissinot, “Flat aerial for ultra high frequencies”, French patent No. 703113, 1955 [4] R. E. Munson, “Single slot cavity antennas assembly”, U.S. Radioengineering - December 2018, Volume 27, Number 4 [DOI: 10 With the aim of enhancing the isolation between the monopole antennas, two parasitic structures are wisely embedded between the monopole antennas on backside of the substrate. US2954556A - Cross polarized dual feed - Google Patents

Mar 22, 2018 ... Design of single thickness cavity-backed SIW antenna ... 1), the rectangular radiating slot has dimensions a = 28 mm and b = 2.5 mm, and is ..... was a Member of the General Assembly of the European Microwave Association.

WIDE BEAM TAPERED SLOT ANTENNA FOR WIDE ANGLE … WIDE BEAM TAPERED SLOT ANTENNA FOR WIDE ANGLE SCANNING PHASED ARRAY ANTENNA A. Kedar and K. S. Beenamole Electronics & Radar Development Establishment (LRDE) C V Raman Nagar, Bangalore 560093, India Abstract|Design and development of a low proflle, compact, wide beam and wide band printed double layered exponentially tapered slot A COMPACT DUAL-CIRCULARLY POLARIZED CAVITY-BACKED … on top of the center conductor of a ring-slot antenna. Two cavity-backed ring-slot antennas are presented with unidirectional radiation properties. The first is a linearly polarized CPW-fed ring-slot antenna. A T-shaped CPW feed was used to capacitively excite the ring-slot structure. The bottom of the cavity is formed by an AMC Single-Layer Cavity-Backed Slot Array Fed by Groove Gap Dec 22, 2015 · A $4 \times 4$ slot array has been designed using this concept. The goal of this letter is to demonstrate the viability of groove gap waveguides and coaxial cavities for the design and fabrication of high-frequency single-layer slot-array antennas. Simulation results as well as … IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON ANTENNAS AND PROPAGATION, …

US3810183A - Dual slot antenna device - Google Patents

US6414647B1 - Slender omni-directional, broad-band, high The present invention is directed toward a dual linear or circular polarized antenna comprised of two orthogonally linearly polarized radiative elements. More specifically, the present invention is for a slender slot-dipole antenna, where …

Microstrip Patch Antenna Design for Ku Band Application Vijaykumar V. Chodavadiya Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering School of Engineering, RK.University,

US4477813A - Microstrip antenna system having nonconductively Where such antennas must be cheaply produced in large quantities and must also be designed so as to withstand very high temperatures (e.g. 417° F. for at least fifteen minutes) while simultaneously meeting stringent antenna isolation … US6646618B2 - Low-profile slot antenna for vehicular A crossed slot antenna, a method of fabricating same and a method of designing same. The antenna includes a cavity structure having conductive material on opposed surfaces thereof; and two slots in said conductive material, the slots … US6031503A - Polarization diverse antenna for portable The antenna assembly comprises two folded antennas, which may be dipoles or slot radiators, that are disposed orthogonally to one another to provide polarization diversity.

The results of both single and double diamond antenna are shown here: that is return loss, VSWR, Smith Chart and Radiation Pattern etc. In the both circular antenna design we Munsion, R. E., ―Single Slot Cavity Antennas Assembly,‖ U.S. Patent No. 3713162, January 23, 1973. 7. Munsion, R. E., ―Conformal Microstrip Antennas and ...

7. The antenna assembly of claim 6 , wherein each said dipole radiating element is configured such that there are currents that flow in a same direction along each of the first and second portions for the first and second frequency bands … US7180457B2 - Wideband phased array radiator - Google Patents The RF signals propagating along the microstrip circuitry 140 a and 140 b are coupled to the slot 141 and radiate or “are launched” from transition sections 105 c′ and 105 d′. These signals form a beam, the boresight of which is orthogonal … US4594595A - Circular log-periodic direction-finder array

Integrated Solar Panel Antennas for Small Satellites