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Gambling Quotes from Popular People and Movies. 07th January3 min read ... “In gambling, the many must lose in order that the few may win.” - Popular saying. Gambling Proverbs There is no better gambling than not to gamble. ~ German Proverb. There are two great pleasures in gambling: that of winning and that of losing. ~ French ... Gambling Jokes & Betting Humor - BitEdge: Helping You Win Crypto! 14 Dec 2013 ... The best sports betting jokes, funny gambling quotes & humorous images from ... Husband: How do you lose 150 m฿ in the slot machines! Movie Quotes About Gambling Odds – What Are The Odds - Casino.org

Since young people would much rather play fast-action, rapidly advancing video games, and gambling laws for slot machines and roulette tables haven't changed much since the 1950s, look for casinos to build large video game tournament centers and allow people to bet on the action, similar to betting on college basketball.

Our Favorite Gambling Quotes. Andrew Beyer highlighted one of the biggest failings of gamblers in this quote: letting emotions cloud judgment. Beyer was an expert on horse racing betting, writing four books on the subject. He also designed the Beyer Speed Figure, a system for rating Thoroughbred racehorses. Sensational Quotes for Smart People - Gambling Gambling Quotes and Gambling Tips #1 of Top-10 Sensational Quotes about Gambling. There are two great pleasures in gambling: that of winning and that of losing. — French Proverb #8 of Top-10 Sensational Quotes about Gambling. People who can afford to gamble don't need money, and those who need money can't afford to gamble. ... Gambling Quotes, Sayings about Gamblers - Quote Garden May 05, 2017 · Quotations about Gambling. Someone once asked me why women don't gamble as much as men do, and I gave the common-sensical reply that we don't have as much money. That was a true but incomplete answer. A permanent and intense interest is acquirable in baccarat, or in any other game, but you have to buy it. Gambling Sayings and Gambling Quotes | Wise Old Sayings

Gambling Quotes. Quotes tagged as "gambling" Showing 1-30 of 133 “You never know beforehand what people are capable of, you have to wait, give it time, it's time that rules, time is our gambling partner on the other side of the table and it holds all the cards of the deck in its hand, we have to guess the winning cards of life, our lives ...

Dec 5, 2009 ... LAS VEGAS -- During a year-long gambling binge at the Caesars Palace and Rio casinos in 2007, Terrance Watanabe managed to lose nearly ... Gambling Quotes. C.N. Douglas, comp. 1917. Forty Thousand ... Forty Thousand Quotations: Prose and Poetical. 1917. Gambling ... Bacon. 10. The most patient man in loss, the most coldest that ever turned up ace. What are some of your favorite quotes you have heard about ... What we call trend plays are just useless non-predictive picks that are guaranteed to lose in the long term, fancy quote or not to back it up. Remembering the Worlds Greatest Gambler | Cigar Aficionado

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Funny Gambling Quotes Funny Gambling Quotes -- Humorous quotations about gambling and gamblers.Gambling Quotes - Funny ... Tips for the gambler.That's how I lost my mind." — Steve Allen. "The gambling known as business looks with austere disfavor upon the business known as gambling." Sensational Quotes for Smart People - Gambling #6 of Top-Ten Sensational Quotes about Gambling. I have to confess that I had gambled on my soul and lost it with heroic insouciance and lightness of touch.He was . . . a degenerate gambler. That is, a man who gambled simply to gamble and must lose. As a hero who goes to war must die.

Gambling Quotes | Quotes about Gambling | Famous Gambling ... Find a collection of gambling quotes and quotations. Gambling Quotes. ... “I've been on such a losing streak that if I had been around I would have taken ... Dumb.com - Gambling Quotes